Demir Kapija



You can reach the climbing routes from the parking site located between two tunnels, on the road from Skopje to Gevgelija right after passing the town of Demir Kapija. The sectors are on the both sides of the parking.

*On the left side of the parking, there are “Via Ferrata” stairs heading to the sectors. The first one is “All Inclusive” and you will find routes are on both sides of the river. After this sector, there is a 10 minute walk on the right side of the river. There you will find a sector named "Radar Petra." After five minutes walking alongside Radar Petra, you will find sector “VDD” on the right side. The next 2 sectors are on the left side of the river-- a five minute walk from “VDD”, named “Kalabaster” and “Erotica”.  

Sectors “Arena” and “small Arena” can be reached from the “via ferrata” path starting on the left side of the river and before sector “VDD.” Important note: “Via Ferrata” stairs are old and unsafe, so use rope and climbing gear to assure safety. 

*On the right side of the parking using the stone stairs, you will enter sectors “Kindzadza” and Hamburger-berg which sit on the left side of the river. Behind the first route of Hamburger-berg, is a ten minute walk featuring a rolling stone path that leads up to the sector “2 Berg”.

Opposite of Hamburger-berg on the right side of the river are multi-pitch routes with three to five pitches of length, named Malchik Palchik.

After this sector, you will find Vardar River. If you continue traversing on the metal rope, you will come to the old new sector Kozja Pestera.