Mavrovo is well known tourist destination located in the high mountains in the western part of Macedonia. It's one of the best destinations in the country, popular for outdoor tourism and known for it’s huge potential and mystical beauty. It is a hot spot for skiing and ice climbing during the winter, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking and climbing during the summer.  It is open all year round-- a cradle for all kind of outdoor sports and activities. Macedonian sport climbers admire the beautiful and vivid rocks in the gorgeous canyon on Radika river.


Back in 2012, Kire Serafimovski and Vladimir Trpovski discovered the great breathtaking cave, which is pure climbing heaven. Years after, the first sport climbing routes were established. In that time, climbers obtained the permits for climbing from the authorities of the National Park “Mavrovo”, collected funds for bolts and equipment, planning and etc. but the steel-made bolts prevailed and a new sport climbing crag was born. 

Everything began when Vladimir Trpovski, Dimitar Popov and Aleksandar Brborovic climbed the first routes in late May 2013. Now we can proudly say that Mavrovo offers great opportunities and potential for sport climbing. We are very grateful for the support and cooperation from the National Park “Mavrovo” as well to Zdravko Petrovski, the President of the Sport Climbing Club EXTREME –Skopje for their help in the realization of this very important project, Sport Climbing Crag-Mavrovo.



Drive from Mavrovo- Mavrovi Anovi towards Debar, trough the canyon of Radika river. Follow the river, which is on your right side all the time, until the passing of the small bridge, which will switch the river side from your right to your left side. Right after the bridge, called Krivi Most, approx. 12 km from Mavrovi Anovi, on your left you will find a parking lot. 

Park deeply, close to the river as much as possible, so you can see your vehicle from the cave. Right across the parking, look up, and you will spot the great cave. The approach to the cave starts, across the road, next by the concrete drain, on your left side. Follow the steep trail, until you get to the foot of the cave, where a short via ferrata ladder starts, and leads straight into the cave. BE ADVISED: While climbing the small “via ferrata”, moisture and loose rock are possible scenarios, so please take necessary precautions.