OHRID city and lake are is a UNESCO site and are well known in the region and worldwide for its natural beauty and heritage. Ohrid is the home place of Slavic literacy and culture, wide cultural inheritance, churches, frescoes, icons, and manuscripts. In Ohrid region, there are four cliffs on different locations that have bolted routes for sport climbing.

Sector:  ROCK St. KANEO

*Location: The rock is located in region of "Gorna Varosh" axially in the old part of Ohrid, near the monastery St. Kaneo. When approaching the monastery before entering the area, turn left, down the stairs, which are finish on the lake's beach. Before the end of the stairs, on the left side you will notice the rock.

*Rock structure: Not high quality red limestone.

*Climbing season: Year around. In winter period only sunny days afternoon.

Boulder traverse!


*Location: On beach of village Trpejca, go to the left and after 100m, when you loose the view of the village, you will notice the small rock, which is located in the water.

Rock structure: Limestone

*Climbing season: Year around. In the winter period there are only sunny days in the afternoon.

 Sector: ROCK St. NIKOLA

*Location: From Ohrid on the way to St. Naum, at only 3km from camping place “Gradiste” to the village Trpejca, the road continues on the right. From the asphalt road, you continue on the grand road. 

You approach the biggest field where you may park your vehicle (if any). From the field place, you reach the climbing site and hike to the end of the grand road which continues on trekking road. Trekking road is by the coast of the lake, through the monastery garden, down the rocks. You will find the climbing sector at the last rock. Follow the red market sine.

*Rock structure: Soft Limestone

*Climbing season: All year around. Climbing is best during the summer period in mornings and in winter in the afternoon. 

Sector: Zli Dol valley 

*Location: From Ohrid on the way to St. Naum after the village Trpejca, the road continues to the left to the National Park Galicica, at the mountain Galicica. After 1km you may park your vehicle on the first biggest place for parking which is under very lousy rock. 

Walking, you leave the asphalt road, on the right side and take the trekking road in the forest. After 50m you will find the first climbing sector Dembelana and after 15 minutes hiking you come between rocks of Zli Dol. On both the left and right side are the sport climbing sites where the climbing routes are, from sectors Z and D. The length of the climbing site is 1km, and the height of the routes is up to 30m.

*Rock structure: Limestone

*Climbing season: Perfect locality for summer climbing, since it is surrounded with woods and the routes are in the shadow of the trees almost all day.

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