It all started back in 2003, when climbers from the neighboring town of Bitola started exploring the hill of Markovi kuli just above Prilep--  with that, new lines were born. Goran Kuzmanovski is credited for making the first bouldering steps back then. 

After a few years, Slovenian climber, adventurer and explorer Rok Sisernik gathered a small group of Slovenian climbers to travel to this unknown place in the south of Macedonia to explore this region. In a few short years since the first boulders were brushed by Goran and Rok with company, over 400 lines were established.

Prilep is gaining strong recognition as a bouldering destination in the eyes of the world-wide community. It could easily be regarded as a newly discovered gem with enormous potential for further development.

Rock type

The structure of the rock is granite with gneiss, depending on the location, it contains a lot of different variations and mixtures of minerals.

Climbing Style

Bouldering on this structure of rock is quite sharp and bad for thin-skin. The style of climbing is mostly crimpy with jugs, cracks and huecos as well. Most of the lines are vertical or slightly overhanging with moderate top out height.


Best periods for climbing in Prilep are spring and autumn. Soft winters in the last couple of years have proven that this period is also perfect for bouldering. Dry and sunny winter days are just the conditions to look for when planning a trip in that part of the year.