Premiere screening of "This is Herstory"

Macedonian sport climbers, on 19th of February, attended the premiere screening of the documentary movie "This is Herstory" directed by Igor Hristov, based on the idea of Ilina Arsova.

The documentary series deals with short portraits of female athletes from the Balkans, who authentically and with special love relate to their strong passion for climbing, mountaineering and life in symbiosis with the harsh nature. Each of them has a high goal to perform, in this short film we are following closely their falls and successes woven through art and extreme sports. This is their story! Uta Ibrahimi, Argiro Papanasiju, Ilina Arsova and the fourth from the latest cycle is the portrait of young Alexandra Totkova.

Besides the projection of short movies, there was an exhibition of work on Ilina Arsova and it was of a sales character, the funds will be allocated for the World Highlands project titled 7 peaks.To support Ilina to become the first woman from the Balkans that climbed the seven highest mountain peaks on all continents. Up to now, Arsova has climbed to six peaks and the Vinson Mastiff on Antarctic is her last peak.

More information for Herstory project here