Adam Ondra in Macedonia


  Sometimes all of us wished to be like the climbers that we watch on you tube or at least once dreamed to be like the top climbers who are rising the boundaries and weights in the sport climbing.

Macedonia in the past years has been hosting the top climbers and we are proud of it. But now we really should be proud because the best Czech climber, Adam Ondra, pleased us with his professional climbing in our country.

Ondra with his team and Czech National Television, from Octomber 16th to October 21st 2018, visited Mavrovo, Macedonia. In the cave in Mavrovo, there was unclimbed route, made in 2014 by Klemen Becan from Slovenia. That time Klemen failed to climb this route. Adam in the second attempt managed to climb the route and to valuate as 9a. The next day Adam made new route, he named the route Czech Trip. He climbed the route and rated 9a+. Now in Mavrovo cave are two new routes “Macedonia trip” which is 9a and “Czech trip” which is 9a+.

The last day in Macedonia, Adam visited Ohrid, although it was a resting day for him, he wanted to visit the climbing place Zli Dol by the Ohrid lake. His interest turned in climbing because in Zli Dol area were two projects that was not climbed. 11 years after these routes are made for first time are climbed by Adam Ondra. He gave the names “Bulldozer” 8a+ and Madame 8b+.

Great gratitude to Adam Ondra and his team of photographers and Czech TV who were great guests and we hope that they made great videos from Macedonia.

Beside them, big thank you to, the warm home for all climbers in Mavrovo, Ski Hut Gorica in Mavrovo Anovi, who warmly host us.