Mavrovo is well known tourist destination located in the high mountains in the western part of Macedonia. It's one of the best destinations in the country, popular for outdoor tourism and known for it’s huge potential and mystical beauty. It is a hot spot for skiing and ice climbing during the winter, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking and climbing during the summer.  It is open all year round-- a cradle for all kind of outdoor sports and activities. Macedonian sport climbers admire the beautiful and vivid rocks in the gorgeous canyon on Radika river.


ApproachFrom Mavrovi Anovi you continue to Debar town along the road along the Radika river. The first directions are in the Ribnica Reka sector, which is located at the beginning of the road to the village of Ribnica. Just as you cross the river over the small bridge on the left between the tall trees on the cliff are the directions. Mavrovska cave is located 10 km from Mavrovi Anovi. You drive along the road to Debar and when at one point you cross the "crooked" bridge on the Radika river and Radika will come to your left, you will notice a parking lot on your left. Here there is an information board about climbing in the Cave. From opposite the parking lot, you will notice the cave above. To get to it, you cross the main road that goes to Debar and you will notice an entrance with the forest next to a dry riverbed with a concrete wall. Here you climb a hiking trail to the foot of the cave, where you will notice small Via Ferrate in the rock. Climbing them you enter the cave. 


ApproachBefore the parking for climbing sector Mavrovo Cave the road is separating to the right toward village Ribnik. Than you should turn to right and when you pass the small bridge over river Radika, on the left side of the rock, the routes are on the 10 m block.



ApproachOne kilometer after the parking for sector Cave, there is a road widening on the left, which is the parking for French Wall. Cross over the road, enter the woods and follow the marked path up to the climbing rock. You have to climb a small ferrate.