Rock climbing Courses

BEGINNER'S CLIMBING COURSE - you're interested in climbing, but you lack the details about climbing, where or how to begin with it.

This is a safe, informative and entertaining course, designed for people who have been introduced to the world for the first time.

Participants need to be older than 16 yrs.


During the course, the instructor will be presenting and demonstrating the following:

* Using the harness correctly

* Tying the figure 8 knot correctly

* Using the belay device safely and correctly

* Correct climbing communication

* Partner check

* Leading in climbing an easy grade (climbing the road by first clipping the rope)

* Clipping the rope to quick-draws in lead safely and correctly

* Re-tying at the end of the route (to anchor) safely and correctly


You’ll also be presented with:

* Introduction to rock climbing

- History of sport climbing (in Macedonia and abroad)

- Climbing concepts

- Traditional climbing

- Sport climbing

- Bouldering

- Lead and top-rope climbing

* Sport climbing equipment

* Knots: figure 8, clove hitch, munter hitch, prusik

* Belaying techniques using different belay devices – Gri-Gri, Reverso, munter hitch knot…

* Basic climbing technique

- Using handholds (crimps, jugs, slopers, pinches, sidepulls)

- Using footholds (edges, friction, swapping feet)

- Basic parts of climbing walls (roof)

* Top-rope and lead climbing

* Falls in climbing (safe and dynamic fall taking and catching, giving slack etc.)

* Re-tying at the end of the route (to anchor)

* Course overview


ADVANCED ROCK CLIMBING COURSE – adapted for climbers who want to upgrade their beginner's experience with advanced techniques, competitive techniques and overall improvement.

Eligible to attend this course – climbers leading 6a.



As a parent, you must be wondering which sport would suit your children’s nature best. Do you often see your son or daughter hopping around, climbing trees, door frames or furniture? Well, we might have just the right answer…

Walking and running are part of our common natural movements. Same goes for sport climbing. It’s one of the few sports humans are ready for since the day they were born.

Having that in mind, we’re ready to introduce your children into sport climbing with 3 training sessions per week, teaching them everything about this sport, social behavior and sport’s spirit. In the meantime, the rich variety of activities will help them develop motor skills, emotional stability, teamwork ability, peer socialization etc.

Training sessions include learning and mastering climbing technique from basic to advanced, power endurance, equipment and its proper usage, as well as preparations for sport climbing competitions in the country and abroad.

Outdoor rock climbing trips will also be organized should the children show interest in it.



Have you learned the climbing basics, but want to gain strength and improve your climbing technique? Or are you maybe an experienced mountaineer or alpine climber and wish for improvement and moving to a higher climbing grade?

Our climbing programs are dedicated particularly to you and your improvement. We will share our longtime experience and knowledge with you in the most suitable way so you can achieve your goals.

We’ll continuously motivate you during sessions, especially those including the crucial exercises you have a hard time with, but are the key to becoming an advanced climber.

Our advantages:

-The training sessions are led by experienced sport climbers and active instructors;

-We continuously share experience and knowledge with people from the climbing community here and abroad;

The goal of every exercise is your personal improvement and satisfaction;

-Every exercise is always updated to a particular climber;

-Personalized climbing exercises performed on the wall will help improve your current weaknesses;

-After all, we're always here for you!

Sport climbing handbook: